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    Higher Educational Teaching and Learning Material Development

The project eduBITE - educating Business and Information Technolgoies - started in November 2002 and ended in April 2005. At the moment the project is in a 3 year dissemination phase. On these pages you can find all details and the results of the project!

A short summary of the project follows here:

Knowledge concerning “Integrated Business Information Systems” (IBIS) is a basic element of most computer science studies and spans a variety of topics from the conceptual business process modeling to the implementation details using various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems. This knowledge is also currently taught at several universities and universities of applied sciences in Austria focusing on different aspects of IBIS. Learning takes place exclusively in form of face to face classical classroom teaching, using individual teaching and learning materials (slides, books, scripts, exercises). The efforts needed for the actualization of these individual materials and the heterogeneousness of them did not allow the realization of a knowledge pool in order to provide case studies and sophisticated multimedia material for the required contents. Therefore teaching IBIS in Austria means having a lot of island-solutions with very little or no interconnection to each other.

Within the project 200 multimedia leraning objects (in German) were developed and a platform for courseware design, called eduWeaver, was implemented. Details are given in the various chapters of this homepage.

The project partners - the University of Klagenfurt, the University of Vienna, the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum Kapfenberg, the University of Applied Sciences of Vorarlberg and the University of Applies Sciences of Wr. Neustadt thank you for your interest in the project and look forward to hearing from you in case of any questions!

The project is funded by
the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture (bm:bwk)

within the initiative
"Neue Medien in der Lehre" (new media in education)