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    Standardized Teaching Material for the Virutal Classroom

Defined Workpackages:

Project management: WP1

Module development: WP2

Standards: WP3

Instruments: WP4

Evaluation: WP5

Rollout: WP6


eduBITE develops multimedia material using business processes as a basis for the business information system, investigating business process properties, their co-operation on various levels and their technological support. Often students are not able to bridge the gap between complex business processes in reality and the abstract information systems supporting them. To solve this problem, eduBITE presents IBIS content through a case-based approach by introducing the demo-enterprise deBITE. This company respresents a typical Austrian forest industry plant within a supply chain in order to address all relevant business processes for the usage of an ERP system. Beside the practical aspects particularly abstraction mechanisms should be comprehensible for students. Using the case study enterprise DeBITE, this process of abstraction should become clearer and more comprehensible, while at the same time making much basic background knowledge accessible. The target group for using the multimedia IBIS material in the first stage comprises about 2200 students per annum.

eduBITE focuses the development of a multimedial content pool in order to compensate the deficits mentioned above in the following respects:

• Teaching Materials:

Topics relating to ‘Integrated Business Information Systems’ such as conceptual business engineering, enterprise modeling, the support of business processes implementation or the customization of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are prepared for multimedia use based on a case study enterprise (deBITE). The produced learning modules focus on computer science students as well as business administration students. They cover a four hour/week conventional course in the field of IBIS and will be evaluated over one semester in at least two courses at two different universities or universities of applied sciences.

• Instruments:

Instruments are developed to categorize developed materials according to the IEEE international metadata standard. The meta-indexed learning objects can so be used to construct specific lessons according to special target groups or certain learning processes. Instruments for the configuration of course materials using learning process models are also developed. These guarantee adaptation, enhancement and interoperability of the developed multimedia material. This development will be introduces in detail.

• Communication Platform:

The output of the project is aimed to increase the reuse of available multimedia materials in the IBIS context. The AKIT association mentioned above will be the framework to gain access to the multimedia materials and to improve and enhance them. Its members also constitute the market for the sustained use of the project products.